Just a Day dreamer I'm just an ordinary girl!

Sometimes I'm lazy
I get bored
I get scared
I feel ignored
I feel happy, I get silly
I choke on my own words
I make wishes, I have Dreams
And I still want to believe
Anything can happen in this world,
For an ordinary girl ... ^_^

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Thankyou piyariii ^_^

You can erase one mistake from your life. What would it be and why?
I learn from my mistakes so i am okay with them

2. What’s your favourite word?
Yar :D 

3. Do you consider yourself sensitive?
yeah but i know how to control my emotions 

4. What’s your favourite animal?
cats :D

5. Do you like ice cream, if yes what flavour?
yes , all flavours :P

6. Would you rather be successful and alone but get to travel your whole life but be married and in love but struggling?
successful and alone ^_^

7. Do you like Canada?
 dun know :P

8. Are you more of a mommas kid or a poppas fav?

Baba’s fav ^_^

9. Do you like vegetables?
not much :/

10. Which ones more nasty burps or farts?

11. Cutest person you know personality wise or physically?
sweet-peril ^_^

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